While the applications of the core SmartPoints™ technology are limitless we have developed a series of products that can be deployed across various industries.

Featured PRoduct


The Solution for Zero-Configuration Securing  of Legacy and Newer Medical Devices.

SmartNode™, by SmartPoints™ Medical, Inc. provides drop-in security that autoconfigures to provide the right route and connectivity to OEM endpoints for participating OEMs and to a single secured endpoint called a SmartPoints™ Nexus in a secure virtual private cloud (optionally on premises) for all other OEM and collaborator connectivity needs.


SmartESB™ is a drop-in framework that can be easily added to existing client-server or web-based applications.

SmartESB™ will automagically secure all communications and manage authentication from the enterprise servers out to and including the devices on which the client software or web browser is used.  It does this by using elegant, light touch proprietary methods which works with almost no modifications. Use of SmartESB™ results in the data at rest on the devices themselves being fully encrypted and managed by the SmartPoints™ technology stack.


SmartLayer2™ is a powerful yet flexible SDN framework that allows for hyper-secure ad-hoc networks to be defined which spans both over multiple networks and the Internet.

The ability to provide rapid ad-hoc secure connectivity, including defining networks of devices or services that can talk to each other, over untrusted networks has been to date an elusive objective. By using the equivalent of virtual SmartNodes™ that can perform NAT punch throughs and firewall traversals using the hyper-secure SmartPoints™ technology stack provides just that.


SmartHub™ is an integrated appliance which functions much like multiple SmartNodes™ 


With some unique additional features SmartHub™ allows easy web-based configurations of multiple SmartPoints™ enabled devices and networks to talk to each other.  To get all the features of a SmartNode™ in an appliance that can manage multiple devices we created the SmartHub™ which provides an excellent alternative.


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