Medical Industry

Maintaining complex network and security settings within medical environments is not only error prone, but extremely expensive

Industry Problem

This expense lies both in real costs and with respect to the amount of time and energy necessary to maintain and monitor these networks. In part due to the challenging OEM or cross LAN sharing requirements, most if not all hospitals and clinics fail security audits intended to assess whether or not they meet minimum standard security requirements.

Smartpoints™ Solution

The SmartNode™ provides an elegant and simple solution using a combination of patented and proprietary technology. By simply plugging it into the Ethernet enabled medical device or sensitive system (the Device) and a powered USB port (or optionally a standard power supply), the SmartNode™ will auto-configure and begin operating in approximately 95% of cases without additional intervention.

The SmartNode™

Medical Industry


  • Any medical device with an Ethernet connection.
  • Medical devices with a free USB port do not require an external power supply.
  • Any firewall rules except whitelist only outbound connections, in which case the SmartPoints™ or OEM IP addresses need to be whitelisted.
  • Nothing else!


  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Significantly increased security.
  • Increased regulatory compliance.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Full enterprise control and visibility.
  • Plug-in and walk away ready.

SmartPoints™ Medical works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) as well as device manufacturers, solutions builders, hospitals and clinics for embedded SmartPoints™ solutions.

SmartNode™ has been extensively tested in controlled environments, like Massachusetts General Hospital’s Medical Device and Simulation Laboratory, Dept. of Radiology, behind multiple concentric network and firewall configurations.

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