Energy Industry

Industrial operators are increasingly implementing IoT or IIoT connectivity, enabling more capabilities at the edge of their networks and opening the door to new applications and analytics. 

Industry Problem

With the emergence of continuously improving wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, networks have more access points than ever before. Today, industrial network operators are increasingly implementing end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) enabling more capabilities at the edge of these networks.

With more data being transported than ever before, it’s important not only to secure the digital assets, but to also secure the communication link itself and to ensure the integrity of the information that passes over those links.


IIoT networks can be vast in size and scope with potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of data points. An IIoT network usually consists of small embedded devices with long lifespans, making it very efficient and economically feasible. Those embedded technologies however are often difficult or impossible to update, while the threat landscape is continuously expanding and means of penetration becoming more and more sophisticated.

SmartPoints™ Solution

The SmartPoints™ Core provides an elegant and simple solution using a combination of patented and proprietary technology. The SmartPoints™ core can be embedded directly into most IoT / IIoT devices to provide turnkey security and proven integrity, which offers protection and management of data while at rest, in use, or in transit. SmartPoints™ technology provides seamless interoperability with all other components of a SmartPoints™ SmartPlatform.
For applications consisting of legacy equipment where additional security is needed but integration is difficult or not feasible, SmartPoints™ technology can also be delivered via a SmartNode™. A SmartNode™ is a simple plug-&-play dongle device.  SmartNodes™ require no integration, configuration or set-up. They can be pre-programmed to communicate with any other SmartNode™ or SmartPoints™ aware system, such as the device’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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