Finance Industry

With an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape, financial organizations have to rethink the way data is governed, reported and utilized.

Industry Problem

As the frequency and sophistication of cyber aggression towards financial services continues to increase and with an ever-expanding network of connected devices, driven by disruptive technologies, the challenge of keeping financial organizations protected is becoming harder and harder.  Additionally, while trying to safeguard the organization, ensuring that business requirements are met is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Today’s financial institutions need to avoid breaches at all costs, otherwise such breaches will have a catastrophic effect on their brands.  Many CISOs feel that their current systems and processes are just not up to the task.

For financial institutions, keeping an ever-stronger security posture has become a necessity, but the technologies that support web security change as rapidly as the threats.

SmartPoints™ Solution

The SmartPoints™ SmartPlatform components offer a family of services and capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with everything from Office applications like Excel to web browsers, mobile devices, cloud services and data stores. SmartPoints™ provides an elegant and simple solution that leverages blockchain concepts and a combination of patented and proprietary technologies to provide turnkey security and granular level control of data while at rest, in use,  or in transit regardless of where it may reside or be utilized.

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