About the Technology

SmartPoints™, a novel technology that provides unlimited security with granular level control over data, communications and digital assets regardless of environment or state.


Understanding the Basics

SmartPoints™ Technology is a data-element level Endpoint Based Security and Control Framework that is built using intelligent endpoints – what we call SmartPoints™. Paired SmartPoints™ provide for a relationship that has identity, key management, and terms embedded into it. SmartPoints™ self-assemble and self-manage.  Any digital entity or assett can be represented and any manner and degree of identity assertion, security, authorization and control can be achieved.
SmartPoints™ Technology enables the creation of secure, term-enforced, communications between any two digital endpoints. SmartPoints™ can represent:
  • A Person
  • A Person’s Role
  • A Government, Company or Organization
  • A Piece of Hardware
  • A File
  • A Data Table
  • An Element Within a Data Table
  • A Web Service

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SmartPoints™ secures the data –

not the environment.  This results in data that is completely secure while in use, at rest, or in transit, regardless of transport, storage, ACL’s, etc.  

Want to know who is involved

SmartPoints™ technology represents an aggregated global mind-share of many of the technology industry’s leading knowledge authorities and subject matter experts.

Extensively Tested

We’ve been tested within the top labs and universities. See what they have to say about us:
SmartPoints™ technology has been rigorously tested and proven in collaboration with Harvard Medical School affiliated Partners Healthcare hospitals, laboratories, and institutes.


How does this work with my current VPN?

Since SmartPoints™ secure the actual data and not the network, SmartPoints™ does not need to integrate with your VPN. You can keep, change, or remove your current network configuration at any time with zero impact to your security.

How do SmartPoints™ get through a firewall or proxy?

Part of this is a trade secret, but it uses novel methods which combine NAT punch-through, session persistence, and firewall traversal, not too dissimilar to those used by other point-to-point communication protocols.

What is the process and how will you integrate with my current systems/software/network?

The SmartNode™ is a “zero-configuration” device, meaning that no configuration is needed to add high security functionality. There are two ways in which a SmartNode™ Dongle accomplishes this. So long as a connection may be originated from within the secure network over well-known ports to a specific address as needed, then;

A) A SmartNode™ Dongle purchased from an authorised reseller for a given partnered OEM or one purchased from SmartPoints™ which is preconfigured for the OEM or desired endpoint destination, then no configuration is needed.

B) SmartNode™ dongles can be preconfigured to connect to your organizations; central SmartPoints™ Nexus, other systems, repositories, or other desired services. Easy configuration is available by scanning a QR code. Additionally, pre-configured SmartNodes™ may always be reconfigured.

How are you different than SSL, isn’t SSL enough?

Supports third party verification of the identity of the server
Data is fully encrypted in transit between the browser and server X
Any portion of the data stored in the browser can be kept secure in the browser cache. X
Can be configured to support write-only outbound security, where once written the data can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. X
Can be configured to keep data secure in use, in transit, at rest, and in storage everywhere X
Cryptographic Protocols can be independently updated as needed X
Provides a secure audit trail with variable degrees of integrity assurance, including options blockchain integration X
Integrates user authentication seamlessly with data security across all data processing points X
Hides all details of an application’s API from any man-in-the-middle analysis X
Provides the ability to project a customizable API in a private network with zero network configuration. X
Provides the ability to inject workflow extensions to any API with no changes to the existing client or server code. X

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