Internet of Things

Internet  of  Things  allows  electronic  devices  in  our surrounding  environment  to  be  active  participants by sharing information  with  other  members  of  the  network  making  it possible to recognize events and changes in their surroundings and to  act  and react autonomously mainly without any human interaction. 

Industry Problem

The advantages of IoT are almost limitless and its  applications  are  changing  the  way  we  work  and  live  by saving time and resources, and opening new opportunities  for growth,  innovation,  and the exchange  of knowledge  between entities. Internet of Things  (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are an implementation of network technologies and an integration of existing network infrastructures (e.g. wireless sensor networks, RFIDs based sensor networks, Cloud  Computing, the Internet etc.). All of the security challenges and threats of each network technology are passed by default onto the IoT system that utilizes these technologies. Further, there is the possibility of additional security threats that arise from the coexistence and collaboration of the different technologies and the open standards and protocols created for the IoT.

One  security objective of IoT is to protect the collected data, since the data collected from physical devices may also include sensitive information. Another concern is that of data integrity. Data integrity is extremely important to IoT and IIoT ecosystems where as often times the threat doesn’t stem from an attempt to steal data but rather posing as “the man in the middle” and sending unauthorized commands with malicious intent. For this reason, the security of any IoT /IIoT system needs to be resilient to data-related attacks as well as provide trust, integrity and privacy.

SmartPoint™ Solution

SmartPoints™ technology provides an elegant and simple solution using a combination of patented and proprietary technology.  SmartPoints™ can be embedded in most IoT devices to provide turnkey security that offers protection and granular level control of data at rest, in use, or in transit as well as seamless interoperability with all the other components of the SmartPoints™ SmartPlatform.


SmartPoints™ technology can be directly embedded in IoT devices. For legacy retrofit devices, SmartPoints™ can be added via an in silico separate physical chip drop-in integration or as a small plug & play dongle, which requires no integration, configuration or set-up.  With SmartPoints™, there’s no need to treat legacy equipment as a sunk cost due to inherent insecurity.

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