About the Company

SmartPoints™ Technology, Inc. was chartered with the sole mission of providing gold-standard security solutions to various industries yielding unparalleled data integrity, providence, and management capabilities that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and reduce risks.  

Company history

The Beginning of SmartPoints™

Following the events of 9-11, SmartPoints™ Technology’s chief scientist was recruited by the United States Homeland Defense and asked to create a new, state-of-the-art  communications technology which resulted in the adoption of the technology by US Department of Defense. SmartPoints’ multi patented technology has evolved vastly since its inception and represents an aggregated global mind-share of many of the technology industry’s foremost knowledge authorities and leading subject matter experts.    

So, what is SmartPoints™ Technology?   Technically, it’s an Asset Governance Protocol.  To understand what that means for you, let’s step back and look at the big picture.

The volume of various digital communication products and services is exploding. Most people shop, bank and facilitate their lives over the internet.  While fields of science such as AI and predictive analytics can yield positive outcomes, there are nuisance 

technologies (i.e. phishing, malware, ransom ware, injections, etc.) which are also subsequently exploding in growth and gaining more sophistication.  Most attacks are targeted at systems, routers, transports, storage schemas, etc., which are comprised of disjointed and inconsistently regulated hardware/firmware/software.  Thus, it’s  no wonder that the global internet ecosystem can’t be expected to protect your data as it sits at rest, is used, or is in transit.         

But . . . what if it didn’t need to?  What if your data was itself safe . . . from the inside out? What if your data had intelligence, security and a unique identity? Imagine data that would  know what to do, under terms and conditions, depending on who or what was interacting with it.  Imagine data  that could self-align, self-manage, and self-enforce with terms and context built into it. If your data could do this,  it would always be safe, regardless of its state or external surroundings. Your data wouldn’t just be information, your data would be smart.  It would be SmartPoints™. 

Interested in how SmartPoint works?

SmartPoints™ is not simply another system or patch product. SmartPoints™ embeds ultra- security and granular level control into the data itself at the data element level. This results in your data being completely secured and under your control whether at rest, in transit, or in use.

Leadership team

Management & Board Members

David Batsford
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


30+ years senior executive experience. Proven builder of stakeholder value and successful entrepreneur.

  • Northeastern University:  BSBA -Management & Finance, graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Columbia Business School:  MBA -Finance
  • London Business School:  MBA -International Management
  • Harvard Law School: Program on Negotiations (PON)
  • National Association of Corporate Directors:  Fellow

Richard Hermon-Taylor
Independent Lead  Board Director


30+ years of providing strategic advisory to many of the world’s largest corporations, a former Senior Executive and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group.  Experienced board member in numerous public and private companies.

  • University of Cambridge, St. John’s College: B.A. Natural Sciences & Chemical Engineering
  • Harvard Business School: MBA with High Distinction and Baker Scholar

Paul Thurman
Independent Board Director


Executive Director at Columbia University’s Alliance for Healthcare Management. Professor at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Healthcare Research fellow at Moscow School of Management and Clinical Professor at the National Institute for Health. 25+ years expert in Strategy, Operations & Analysis.

  • Stanford University:  BS -Mathematics
  • Columbia Business School:  MBA -graduated Valedictorian
  • New York University:  MS -Mathematics, Statistics & Operations Research
  • Ecole des Ponts Business School: Doctorate Business Administration

Gianluca De Novi, Ph.D.
Independent Technology Board Adviser


Lead Computer Scientist at the Medical Device & Simulation Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital.  Instructor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and VR/AR at Harvard Extension School

  • Università di Bologna:  MS -Electrical Engineering & Surgical Simulation
  • Università di Bologna: PhD -Surgical Robotics & Surgical Simulation

Andreas Combuechen
Independent Board Director


Andreas has positioned and marketed fortune 100 brands through the lens of a digital world for over 20 years. Renowned as one of the digital industry’s foremost strategic and creative experts, he has helped clients succeed at the fluid intersection of digital customer experience, technology and business strategy.

Gabriele Fariello
Technology Board Adviser


Former, Chief Information Officer and Assistant Dean for Computing at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Head of Neuroinformatics at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Director of Clinical Research Informatics at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Instructor in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Researcher in Neuroinformatics at Harvard. He maintains his titles at Harvard University.

Philippe Richard
Chief Scientist


35 years in virtually all aspects of software, development, architecture and training.  A recognized technology visionary in ID management, infrastructure and security.  In his capacity of Chief Scientist and Visionary, Philippe is architecting how to leverage the SmartPoints framework to empower such technologies as Blockchain, AI, VR, and Big Data Analytics.

Sarah Cleary
VP Programs Management


With 30 years’ experience serving F500 companies, performing global platforms, programs, projects & implementation management, Sarah helps ensure SmartPoints implementations are on time and on budget.

  • Northeastern University:  BSBA -Management, graduated Summa cum laude
  • Northeastern University:  MBA – Technology
  • Certified: Scrum Master, Project Management Professional, SIGMA Black Belt

Interested in learning more or possible implementation?