Ultimate Security:
Incredible Simplicity

SmartPoints™ is changing how data security is perceived, approached and ultimately . . . achieved.


Not just another patch or security product attempt, SmartPoints™ is a framework whose novel approach puts security, integrity, and identity at the very heart of the data element itself.

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SmartPoints™ secures the data.

A novel approach yielding unprecedented data security, integrity and granular level control. SmartPoints™ extracts security and control away from systems, leaving data scalable and free to travel across global systems and networks without concern.

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The Solution for Zero-Configuration Securing  of Legacy and Newer Medical Devices.

SmartNode™ by SmartPoints™ Medical, Inc. is a plug-&-play solution requiring no integration, calibration or set up. SmartNode™ provides drop-in security that auto-configures to provide the right route and connectivity to OEM endpoints and to a single secured endpoint called a SmartPoints™ Nexus in a secure virtual private cloud for all collaborator connectivity needs. Plug in, walk away and relax, your device is secured and communicating with the intended parties.

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US BUSINESS NEWS: Technology Elite Awards 2019 
Best & Most Novel Data Security Solution: SmartPoints™
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– John Doe
Harvard Medical School affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital

Interested in learning more or possible implementation?